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How is the quality of the forging guaranteed?

How is the quality of the forging guaranteed?

Forging quality guarantee includes test, supervision and final inspection, its main purpose is to ensure the required order unit: design drawings and technical conditions of the dimensional accuracy, mechanical properties and other special requirements have been achieved in all of the products.

Technical conditions are usually formulated by the relevant technical associations and the competent government departments, and some factories have their own technical conditions. Supply units and units in order to select or agreed technical conditions, one should consider the guarantee to meet the requirements of forging the best performance; on the other hand, avoid excessive restrictions on the process and the intermediate process is too strict control, so that the factory has large forging production flexibility to reduce forging cost, improve economic efficiency. Once the technical conditions have been properly chosen and the various tests and reports agreed upon, they shall be listed in a general list and used as evidence to ensure the quality of the forgings.

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